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Tadek Climate Control Inc

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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7 AM - 5 PM

Your Residential HVAC and Refrigeration Contractor

Tadek Climate Control Inc. is a full-service heating, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration contractor providing quality repair, service, and installation at competitive rates. Our certified technicians are committed to and take pride in providing you with high-quality workmanship and customer care.

For your residential HVAC repair and installation services or if you are upgrading your existing system, you can rely on us to provide you with superior quality service. We take seriously, our motto: "serving with integrity and commitment to quality".

We offer free upgrades to Honeywell programmable thermostats with all heating and air conditioning system replacements, to save our customers energy and operating costs. We stand behind our work and offer guarantees with extended manufacturer's warranties available. We provide quality workmanship and customer care for your repair and maintenance services plus new HVAC system installation.

Diagnostic Hints and Tips

Before you call for service:

  • Check your condenser coil and make sure that the coil is not obstructed and is clean.

  • Make sure the evaporator coil is not frozen and air filter is clean.

  • Make sure electrical power is supplied to the unit by checking your breaker.
  • Check your thermostat by switching the fan to "on" position to see if it works.
  • Replace batteries in thermostat and check contacts.

  • Lower or raise your thermostat set point for cooling or heating respectively and check if your unit comes on.

  • Make sure power switch is turned on and the fuses in outdoor condensing unit's disconnect are not blown.
  • If all the above recommendations had been satisfied and your system is still not operating properly, call us for your air conditioning and furnace repair services.
Our superior heating and cooling service results in optimum comfort inside your home.